Performance by CABRONA



Cabrona is a high-energy bilingual punk band that aims to unravel hidden stories with a sound that acknowledges lineages to Latin America and the disruption of belonging to two different cultures. After spending years in male-dominated bands laced with ego competitions and sexist gender dynamics, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Jax ‘Loca’ Ovalle decided it was time to form the all-chica rock band she and guitarist Becca ‘Basura’ Perez dreamed of since high school. Along with mariachi/classical violinist Fatima ‘Fatale’ Gomez,  and powerfully well-versed drummer Vita ‘Cameleon’ Cleveland, Cabrona incorporates influences in various styles to shape a unique sound that speaks to underrepresented narratives on stage and in the music world.


Band Members


  • Loca Maquiada- Vocals, Bass
  • Basura – Vocals, Guitar
  • Fatale – Vocals, Violin
  • Camaleón- Drums


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