Principal Investigator

Dr. Laura Lackner

Associate Professor

PhD, Case Western Reserve University


Graduate Students

WeiTing Chen

Investigating the mechanism of Mmr1-dependent mitochondrial inheritance.


Heidi Anderson

Investigating the regulation and functions of the mitochondria membrane contact site MECA.


Antoineen White

Investigating the role of the mitochondria-plasma membrane tether, MECA, in the maintenance of organelle function and cellular fitness.


Clare Harper

Developing synthetic organelle tethers to explore membrane contact sites and mitochondrial function.


Brett Wisniewski

Uncovering novel functions and regulators of the mitochondrial fission protein Dnm1.

Michael Ray

Investigating how whole-organelle dynamics are interrelated with specific physiological and metabolic contexts.


Research Staff

Jenni Brace

Staff Scientist

Investigating the mechanisms that promote the inheritance of the fittest mitochondria.

Conor Lee-Smith

Research Technician

Identifying novel mitochondria tether proteins.


Undergraduate Students

Talia Willmert ’21

Mary McCarthy ’22