bboardCuriosity, logic, and creativity help us identify common principles in the astounding complexity of the world around us.  Physics reveals the symmetry and beauty with which nature works behind the curtains, and allows us to develop intuition for processes otherwise hidden from our eyes. The adventure of learning and  reward of deeper understanding nurture my passion for physics. My goal is to share this passion with students, equip them with the tools to discover the beauty of physics firsthand and to master problem solving skills that are valuable to physicists and non-physicists alike.

Classes at Northwestern

  • PHYS 211-1 Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences (Fall 2016)
  • PHYS 135-2 General Physics II (Winter 2016)
  • PHYS 135-3 General Physics III (Spring 2015, Spring 2014, Spring 2013)
  • PHYS 422-1,2 Condensed Matter Physics II (Winter 2014, Fall 2014)
  • PHYS 450 Theory of Open Quantum Systems (Winter 2013) [lecture notes: part 1, part 2; Mathematica Notebooks (zip)]
  • PHYS 333-2 Advanced Electricity and Magnetism (Spring 2012, Spring 2011)
  • PHYS 333-1 Advanced Electricity and Magnetism (Winter 2012, Winter 2011)

Please see the NU CMS/Blackboard site for the course material.


Example talks geared towards undergraduate students

  • What to do if my quantum system is leaking? – 2013 Talk for NU Society of Physics Students: [Slides]
  • What’s new in the Quantum World? – 2012 Talk for NU Society of Physics Students: [Slides]