research1Our current research interests in condensed matter theory and quantum information are:

  • dissipative phase transitions of interacting photons in circuit QED arrays
  • quantum coherence in micrometer and nanometer scale systems,
  • applications of circuit QED in quantum computation and quantum simulation


research2Engineered quantum systems provide an exciting platform for exploring quantum physics in an active way. Rather than observing and interpreting quantum effects exhibited by nature, the objective is to design quantum devices for specific purposes. The most prominent example is the goal of realizing a quantum computer. Superconducting qubits and circuit QED provide us with a promising hardware architecture to reach this goal.


research3Our research follows two main thrusts: the theoretical study of nonequilibrium physics and dissipative phase transitions of interacting photons in circuit QED arrays, and the improvement of coherence and control of the next generation of superconducting qubits. Most of our work is carried out in close collaboration with the labs of David Schuster (University of Chicago) and Andrew Houck (Princeton University).


Present and Past Collaborations

Michel Devoret
Jay Gambetta
Steven Girvin
Leonid Glazman
Andrew Houck
Karyn Le Hur
Göran Johannson
Andreas Nunnenkamp
Felix von Oppen
Francesco Petruccione
Yuval Oreg
Mikhail Raikh
Robert Schoelkopf
David Schuster
David Thouless