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Managing and Disabling Comments

Comments are enabled by default on NUsites. You can modify which posts accept comments and how comments are moderated.

Default Comment Settings

  1. Select “Settings > Discussion”  in the left-hand dashboard menu.
  2. Under “Default Article Settings” you can adjust the default comment setting by unchecking “Allow people to post comments on new articles.”

Enabling and Disabling Comments

For Individual Posts

If you’d like, you can override the default comment setting on individual posts.

  1. To enable or disable comments on specific posts, select “Posts > All Posts” in the left-hand dashboard menu.
  2. Hover on the name of the post you’d like to adjust.
  3. Select “Quick Edit”
  4. Find the checkbox that says “Allow Comments” and click to enable or disable comments for that post.

For Multiple Posts

  1. Click the checkbox on the post(s) you’d like do adjust.
  2. Using the “Bulk Actions” dropdown, select “Edit” and click “Apply” to open the Bulk Editor.
  3. Find the “Comments” dropdown selector in the Bulk Editor and choose “Allow” or “Do Not Allow”
  4. Click “Update”

Comment Moderation

  1. Select “Settings > Discussion”  in the left-hand dashboard menu.
  2. Under “Before A Comment Appears” there are two options for handling new comments:
    • Comment Must Be Manually Approved
    • Comment Author Must Have A Previously Approved Comment
  3. In either scenario, you will need to moderate comments. To do this, select “Comments” from the left-hand navigation menu.
  4. In the comments table, hover on a comment to reveal it’s options:
  5. You may Approve, Reply To, Edit, or Trash these comments.