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Custom Domains

Rules & Requirements for Custom Domains

  • The domain requestor must be either a staff or faculty member at Northwestern University
  • The website using a custom domain must represent a Northwestern department or organization
  • All custom domains must be sub-domains or nested sub-domains of
    • If the website belongs to a specific school, it should use a sub-domain of said school, such as
    • Labs and student groups should request a sub-subdomain from their sponsoring entity (to create, for example).
    • Only one domain name will be allocated for each site.
  • The website requesting the custom domain must be set up with public visibility (or hidden from search engines). For help configuring this, please see the help page for Privacy / Visibility.

Requesting a Custom Domain

  1. Open the   Custom Domain Request Form
  2. Fill out all fields of the form.
  3. Click the “Submit” button beneath the form.
  4. You will be presented with a thank you message, letting you know that your request is pending review.
  5. The NUsites support team will review your request and begin the domain mapping process. This process can typically take up to a week to complete.
  6. Once your domain is approved and mapped to your NUsite, you will be notified by the NUsites support team.