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Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are tools that can be used for organizing posts based on topic. Each category or tag created automatically generates a custom blogroll archive page for itself, on which all posts that contain that category or tag will be displayed. These can be a good way of organizing different types of articles on your site.


  • Categories are used to group posts by topic.
  • Categories should be self-explanatory.
  • Categories are hierarchical, meaning that categories can have sub-categories.
  • All posts should be categorized for optimal site organization and SEO.


  • Tags are a way of identifying topics of a post in a more specific way than categories.
  • Posts can contain as many tags as you’d like.

Managing Categories & Tags

  1. From the site dashboard, find the “Posts” section, and hover over it until a sub-menu pops up.
  2. Click on either “Tags” or “Categories” in the sub-menu, depending which you intend to manage (process is the same for both) to open the Categories / Tags management page.
  3. Add a Category or Tag
    • On the left side of the page, complete the form to add a new Category or Tag, and click the blue button beneath the form to save it.
  4. Edit or Delete a Category or Tag
    • On the right side of the page, there is a table listing all Categories or Tags for the site.
    • Hover the mouse over the row of the one you wish to edit, and action links will appear beneath the Category or Tag name.
    • To delete a Category or Tag, click the “Delete” action link.
    • To edit a Category or Tag, click the “Edit” action link to be taken to the edit form.