We are the Keynotes, Northwestern University’s premiere graduate student a cappella group!

We formed as the Catatonics in 1997. Since then, our group has found a place in the musical community in Evanston. We perform both on and off-campus, at showhalls, saloons, street corners, and salons!

We will be holding auditions and looking to add lots of new members in the 2020-2021 academic year! All graduate level students in any program at Northwestern are welcome!

Audition info:

Time: TBA
Location: TBA

To help you prepare, the auditions will likely involve the following, likely in this order:

  1. We’ll a do few warm-up scales as a group
  2. You’ll fill out a paper form that asks about your interests and abilities (experience, voice ranges, other instruments, interest in musical/administrative/social leadership roles, etc).
  3. As a group, we’ll learn a simple SATB song. You will choose one preferred voice part. Then, in turn, each auditionee will join 3 veterans to sing the song as a quartet. We’re looking to see how well you learn music and blend and match pitch/volume/energy/etc.
  4. You’ll sing your prepared solo(s) (30- to 90-seconds total). We expect only one solo, but if you’d like to show off two very different styles or abilities (e.g. singing and beatboxing), you can share two short solos. Depending on time, we may limit everyone to just 30 seconds, so please prepare for that scenario. Solos can come from a wide variety of genres, such as pop, rap, musicals, or your own composition, as long as they reflect styles that you would be interested in singing in our group (e.g., while at least a few of us love opera, we probably will not be doing those in this group).

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. See you soon!