The Research Safety Student Initiative:
Data management
Create a NU Box account for sharing files, unlimited storage:
We use Elements as an electronic lab notebook:
IMSERC (NMR, MS, XRD training and facilities info):
NUcore (reservations and sample submission):
Check the queue on the Ag500 (password same as login computer in IMSERC; may need to refresh page):
Literature searching
Getting started with literature searching: 
Chemistry reference resolver:
VPN to access NU resources off-campus:
Useful data
Various useful data (NMR shifts, pKa’s, etc):
UV-vis spectra of common compounds:
Named reactions and protecting group guide (for more detail, see books):
MALDI matrices:
Lab technique
Org Syn (tested synthetic procedures):
Various lab technique tricks:
Collum group procedures (kinetics, curve fitting, base preps, etc.):
Shenvi group practical lab techniques:
Our chemical inventory:
Chemistry Online Purchase Request System (all other vendors):
Gas tank ordering and empty tank pickup:
Fisher (consumables, lab equipment, Alfa Aesar, Acros):
Strem (metals & ligands):
Microscopy supplies:
Posters (@BIF, Hogan 5th floor):