Supranational Legal Transplants:

Law and Politics of the Andean Tribunal of Justice

The Andean Tribunal, with over 2500 rulings to date, is the third
most active international court
and the most successful copy of
the ECJ. We study how the ATJ
succeeded and survives within
a turbulent regional integration


Laurence Helfer and I have published a number of articles investigating different aspects of the Andean Tribunal, conducting the most thorough and theoretically informed investigation of how supranational legal transplants take root and perform. We updated this research through 2015 in our new book  Transplanting International Courts: Law and Politics of the Andean Tribunal of Justice.  Oxford University Press 2017.  The introduction can be download here.

Opinio Juris hosted blog discussion of Transplanting International Courts in March 2018.  You can find the introduction to the discussion, and then, link to the contributions, here.

Select publications

Legitimacy and Lawmaking: A Tale of Three International Courts Theoretical Inquiries in Law, Vol. 14 (2013) With Laurence Helfer. Download.

Islands of Effective International Adjudication: Constructing an Intellectual Property Rule of Law in the Andean Community. With Laurence Helfer and Maria Florencia Guerzovitch American Journal of International Law, 103 (1) 2009. Download.

Jurist Advocacy Networks Europe: The Role of Euro-law Associations in Promoting Supra-National Integration (1953-1975)  in The European Court’s Political Power (2009). Download. A revised version is available here.

“Nature or Nurture: Lawmaking in the European Court of Justice and the Andean Tribunal of Justice” With Laurence Helfer. International Organization 64 (4) 2010: 563-92. Download.

“Transplanting the European Court of Justice: Findings from the Experience of the Andean Tribunal of Justice” With Laurence Helfer, and Osvaldo Saldias. American Journal of Comparative Law 60 (6): 709-744. 2012.  Download.

“Legal Integration in the Andes: Lawmaking by the Andean Tribunal of Justice” 17 European Law Journal 5. With Laurence Helfer. Download.