Recent & In Progress

Some of this work is posted on my SSRN page:

Two new research areas and 2019 publications:

Global Capitalism and Law   and Backlash and the Contested Authority of International Institutions

A special section on Judicializing International Relations appeared in the fall 2019 edition of ISQ. The framework article is open-access:

Theorizing the Judicialization of International Politics International Studies Quarterly 63(3): 449-63. (with Emilie Hafner Burton and Laurence Helfer).  This is the theoretical framing article of the previously noted special section of ISQ.

Gender and Status in American Political Science: Who determines whether a scholar is noteworthy?” With Jean Clipperton, and Emily Shraudenbach, Laura Rozier. Last updated in August 2019.

“The Empire of International Law?”  American Journal of International Law, 113 (1)2019: 183-199. 

“Critical Junctures and the Future of International Courts” Avidan Kent, Nikos Skoutaris & Jamie Trinidad (eds.), The Future of International Courts and Tribunals: Regional, Institutional and Procedural Challenges(Routledge, 2019).

“Ruling the Global Economy: Why Is Money So Different than Trade?” with Stephen C. Nelson. (long term project)

“Is there Such a Thing as a Politics of Backlash?” Project with Michael Zürn, WZB Berlin. Forthcoming in the British Journal of Politics and International Relations. An expanded edited book to follow.

“Global Governance and the Problem of the Second Best: The Example of Reforming the WTO” with Cristina Lafont (Philosophy), Paper presented at “Government, Legality and Political Morality Beyond the Nation State” Ontario Political Philosophy Partnership, September 28, 2017, Burlington Ontario and GLOBUS, March 2019. (Under review)

New in 2018:

International Court Authority.” Oxford University Press,  2018. With Laurence Helfer and Mikael Rask Madsen. Introduction on SSRN

I have used solicited book chapters to update my work on international courts to the current era, exploring about contestant involving international law and courts in the current populist era:

“The Contested Authority and Legitimacy of International Law: The State Strikes Back” Forthcoming in: Christopher Daase and Nicole Dietelhoff eds. Beyond Anarchy: Rule and Authority in the International System, 2018. On SSRN

“The Future of International Lawin Diana Ayton-Shenker ed The New Global Agenda, Lahnham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018. Chapter 2 (25-42).

See also “Critical Junctures and the Future of International Courts” (above)

 The Rise of International Regime Complexity,” with Kal Raustiala.  Annual Review of Law and Social Science 14:18.1–18.21 2018. (available here)

National Perspectives on International Constitutional Review: Diverging Optics In Erin Delaney and Rosalind Dixon eds,  Comparative Judicial Review  Edward Elgaatjbookcoverr, 2018. (on SSRN for now)

New in 2017:

Transplanting International Courts: The Law and Politics of the Andean Tribunal of Justice. With Laurence Helfer. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2017. Introduction available here.  Opinio Juris Discussion available here.

“The Evolution of International Law and Courts” The  Orfeo Fioretos ed International History and Politics in Time (Oxford University Press, 2017).  Available on SSRN. Download page proofs here.