Publications and Outreach

Publications and Presentations
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  • Astrofest and Astronight: Every summer during arts fest, and every fall during parents weekend, the astronomy department at Penn State University hosts outreach activities known as Astrofest and Astronight, respectively. I have participated in every Astrofest and Astronight since 2010 (with the exclusion of Astrofest 2011 due to my internship at SETI). Most recently I was demonstrating the Applied Physics Club’s radio telescope on the roof of the astronomy building for Astrofest and Astronight 2013.
  • Science U: I helped organized the programs for the Science U physics and astronomy afternoon for middle school children. We devised a series of fun and interactive activities that covered astronomical instrumentation, and the four fundamental forces of physics from the perspective of astronomy. My role involved mentoring and teaching students about astronomy instrumentation in terms of optical and radio telescopes.