Miscellaneous C++ Projects

Computational Sociology Society Simulation
This project is one that I have been discussing with several of my colleagues in regards to the nature of humanity and society in general, and whether or not there are easily predictable trends. The goal of this simulation was to create a set of AI societies, and see how the evolve with each other, given many options, different thinking and government models, implementation of diseases and sickness, as well as the ability to fight and war over resources. This simulation is to implement advanced software design patterns, as well, XML data definitions and Angelscript scripting definitions to define entity behavior. The entities will be connected by preferential attachment networks, and be allowed to make decision by different searching algorithms (i.e. depth first greedy or the heuristic A*). Research into constructing certain functions and applications of this program (such as a mating algorithm) have come from papers on computational sociology. The code repository for this project can be found at GITHub here.