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MSLOC 430 is a course in the Master’s Program in Learning and Organizational Change in the School of Education and Social Policy. We explore enterprise social network technology and its impact on organizational work practices and organizational learning.

In Winter 2016, some of the graduate students in the course will be blogging about topics of interest. These may include:

  • Leadership: What does it mean to lead in a more connected enterprise? Or be a change agent in a more connected enterprise?
  • Organizational culture: How does organizational culture influence enterprise social networking? Or vice versa – how enterprise networking influences culture?
  • Learning and development: How do social media/enterprise social networks change learning and development? Leadership development? Talent management?
  • Innovation: How do social media/enterprise social networks impact innovation? Idea management?
  • Organizational change: How might social media/enterprise social networks impact how organizations think about strategic change?
  • Social media/enterprise social networks in general: You may choose to go broader and deeper into any of number of topics that we cover in this class (user behavior, new technology adoption, metrics, trust, power, lurking, etc.)

I’ll share highlights from this activity here on this blog as we progress through the quarter.

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