Recent Publications (2017-2018)

Amsler, M., V.I. Hegde, S.D. Jacobsen, and C. Wolverton. Exploring the high-pressure materials genome. Submitted.

Childress, L.B. and S.D. Jacobsen (2017) High-pressure high-temperature Raman spectroscopy of kerogen: relevance to subducted organic carbon. American Mineralogist 102, 391-403.

Clarke, S.M., M. Amsler, J.P.S. Walsh, T. Yu, Y. Wang, Y. Meng, S.D. Jacobsen, C. Wolverton, and D.E. Freedman (2017) Creating binary Cu-Bi compounds via high-pressure synthesis: A combined experimental and theoretical study. Chemistry of Materials 29, 5276-5285.

Faber, K.T. et al. (2017) The role of ceramic and glass science research in meeting societal challenges: Report from an NSF-sponsored workshop. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 1-27, doi: 10.1111/jace.14881.

Liu, X., Y.Y. Chang, S.N. Tkachev, C.R. Bina, and S.D. Jacobsen (2017) Elastic and mechanical softening in boron-doped diamond. Scientific Reports 7, 42921. 

Liu, X., X. Chen, X. Jia, H.A. Ma, D.J. Singh, R. Stern, J. Wu, S. Petitgirard, C.R. Bina, and S.D. Jacobsen. Shallow donor state of boron-oxygen complex in diamond: A route to n-type semiconducting diamond. Submitted.

Powderly, K.M., S.M. Clarke, M. Amsler, C. Wolverton, C.D. Malliakas, Y. Meng, S.D. Jacobsen, and D.E. Freedman. High-pressure discovery of β-NiBi. Chemical Communications 53, 11241-11244.

Qin, F., X. Wu, D. Zhang, S. Qin, and S.D. Jacobsen. Thermal equation of state of natural Ti-bearing clinohumite. Journal of Geophysical Research 122, doi: 10.1002/2017JB014827.

Wang, F., M. Barklage, X. Lou, S. van der Lee, C.R. Bina, and S.D. Jacobsen. HyMaTZ: A Python program for modelling seismic velocities in hydrous regions of the mantle transition zone. Submitted.

Zhang, L., J.R. Smyth, T. Kawazoe, S.D. Jacobsen, and S. Qin. Transition metals in the transition zone: partitioning of Ni, Co, and Zn between olivine, wadsleyite, ringwoodite, and clinoenstatite. Submitted.