Recent Publications, 2019-

Anzolini, C., F. Wang, G.A. Harris, A.J. Locock, D. Zhang, F. Nestola, L. Peruzzo, S.D. Jacobsen, and D.G. Pearson (2019) Nixonite, Na2Ti6O13, a new mineral from a metasomatized mantle garnet pyroxenite from the western Rae Craton, Darby kimberlite field, Canada. American Mineralogist 104, 1336-1344. 

Clarke, S.M., K.M. Powderly, J.P.S. Walsh, T. Yu, Y. Wang, Y. Meng, S.D. Jacobsen, and D.E. Freedman (2019) Controlling dimensionality in the Ni-Bi system with pressure. Chemistry of Materials 31, 955-959.

Dalou, C., M.M. Hirschmann, S.D. Jacobsen, and C. Le Losq (in review) Raman spectroscopy study of C-O-H-N speciation in reduced basaltic glasses: implications for reduced planetary mantles. Geochemica et Cosmochimica Acta 265, 32-47.

Klein, R.A., A.B. Altman, R.J. Saballos, J.P.S. Walsh, A.D. Tamerius, Y. Meng, D. Puggioni, S.D. Jacobsen, J.M. Rodinelli, and D.E. Freedman (2019) High-pressure synthesis of the BiVO3 perovskite. Physical Review of Materials 3, 06441. 

Lazarz, J.D., P. Dera, Y. Hu, Y. Meng, C.R. Bina, and S.D. Jacobsen (2019) High-pressure phase transitions of clinoenstatite. American Mineralogist 104, 897-904.  

Liu, X., X. Chen, X. Jia, H.A. Ma, D.J. Singh, R. Stern, J. Wu, S. Petitgirard, C.R. Bina, and S.D. Jacobsen (2019) Boron-oxygen complex yields n-type surface layer in semiconducting diamond. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 116, 7703-7711.

McGuire, C.P., K.S.L. Sawchuck, E.S.G. Rainey, S.D. Jacobsen, and A. Kavner (in review) Decreasing lattice thermal conductivity of ferropericlase in the mixed spin state. Submitted.

Meyer, N.A., M.D. Wenz, J.P.S. Walsh, S.D. Jacobsen, A.J. Locock, and J.W. Harris (2019) Goldschmidtite, (K,REE,Sr)(Nb,Cr)O3: a new perovskite supergroup mineral found in diamond from Koffiefontein, South Africa. American Mineralogist 104, 1345-1350.

Qin, F., X. Wu, S. Qin, D. Zhang, V.B. Prakapenka, and S.D. Jacobsen (2019) Pressure-induced dehydration of dioptase: a single-crystal X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopic study. Comptes Rendus Geoscience 351, 121-128.

Walsh, J.P.S., S.M. Clarke, D. Puggioni, A.D. Tamerius, Y. Meng, J.M. Rondinelli, S.D. Jacobsen, and D.E. Freedman (2019) MnBi2: A metastable high-pressure phase in the Mn-Bi system. Chemistry of Materials 31, 3083-3088.

Wenz, M.D., S.D. Jacobsen, D. Zhang, M. Regier, H.J. Bausch, P. Dera, M. Rivers, P. Eng, S.B. Shirey, and D.G. Pearson (2019) Fast identification of mineral inclusions in diamond at GSECARS using synchrotron X-ray microtomography, radiography, and diffraction. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 26, 1763-1768.

Zhang, L. J.R. Smyth, T. Kawazoe, S.D. Jacobsen, J. Niu, and X. He (2019) Stability, composition, and crystal structure of Fe-bearing phase E in the transition zone. American Mineralogist, in press, doi: 10.2138/am-2019-6750.