Recent Publications, 2019-

Anzolini, C., F. Wang, G.A. Harris, A.J. Locock, D. Zhang, F. Nestola, L. Peruzzo, S.D. Jacobsen, and D.G. Pearson (2019) Nixonite, Na2Ti6O13, a new mineral from a metasomatized mantle garnet pyroxenite from the western Rae Craton, Darby kimberlite field, Canada. American Mineralogist 104, 1336-1344. 

Clarke, S.M., K.M. Powderly, J.P.S. Walsh, T. Yu, Y. Wang, Y. Meng, S.D. Jacobsen, and D.E. Freedman (2019) Controlling dimensionality in the Ni-Bi system with pressure. Chemistry of Materials 31, 955-959.

Dalou, C., M.M. Hirschmann, S.D. Jacobsen, and C. Le Losq (in review) Raman spectroscopy study of C-O-H-N speciation in reduced basaltic glasses: implications for reduced planetary mantles. Geochemica et Cosmochimica Acta 265, 32-47.

Klein, R.A., A.B. Altman, R.J. Saballos, J.P.S. Walsh, A.D. Tamerius, Y. Meng, D. Puggioni, S.D. Jacobsen, J.M. Rodinelli, and D.E. Freedman (2019) High-pressure synthesis of the BiVO3 perovskite. Physical Review of Materials 3, 06441. 

Lazarz, J.D., P. Dera, Y. Hu, Y. Meng, C.R. Bina, and S.D. Jacobsen (2019) High-pressure phase transitions of clinoenstatite. American Mineralogist 104, 897-904.  

Liu, X., X. Chen, X. Jia, H.A. Ma, D.J. Singh, R. Stern, J. Wu, S. Petitgirard, C.R. Bina, and S.D. Jacobsen (2019) Boron-oxygen complex yields n-type surface layer in semiconducting diamond. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 116, 7703-7711.

Meyer, N.A., M.D. Wenz, J.P.S. Walsh, S.D. Jacobsen, A.J. Locock, and J.W. Harris (2019) Goldschmidtite, (K,REE,Sr)(Nb,Cr)O3: a new perovskite supergroup mineral found in diamond from Koffiefontein, South Africa. American Mineralogist 104, 1345-1350.

Qin, F., X. Wu, S. Qin, D. Zhang, V.B. Prakapenka, and S.D. Jacobsen (2019) Pressure-induced dehydration of dioptase: a single-crystal X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopic study. Comptes Rendus Geoscience 351, 121-128.

Shirey, S., Smit, K., Pearson, D., Walter, M., Aulbach, S., Brenker, F., . . . Weiss, Y. (2019). Diamonds and the Mantle Geodynamics of Carbon: Deep Mantle Carbon Evolution from the Diamond Record. In: B. Orcutt, I. Daniel, & R. Dasgupta (Eds.), Deep Carbon: Past to Present (pp. 89-128). Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108677950.

Walsh, J.P.S., S.M. Clarke, D. Puggioni, A.D. Tamerius, Y. Meng, J.M. Rondinelli, S.D. Jacobsen, and D.E. Freedman (2019) MnBi2: A metastable high-pressure phase in the Mn-Bi system. Chemistry of Materials 31, 3083-3088.

Wenz, M.D., S.D. Jacobsen, D. Zhang, M. Regier, H.J. Bausch, P. Dera, M. Rivers, P. Eng, S.B. Shirey, and D.G. Pearson (2019) Fast identification of mineral inclusions in diamond at GSECARS using synchrotron X-ray microtomography, radiography, and diffraction. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 26, 1763-1768.

Zhang, L. J.R. Smyth, T. Kawazoe, S.D. Jacobsen, J. Niu, and X. He (2019) Stability, composition, and crystal structure of Fe-bearing phase E in the transition zone. American Mineralogist 104, 1620-1624.