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Category: Spring Quarter 2015

The Whole World in the Cape

Oh, Cape Town. This city had it all — mountains to climb, beaches to spend days on end relaxing on, craft villages to haggle for (hopefully, but probably not) low prices on souvenirs, and even markets to explore. People who follow any one of us on Facebook or Instagram have probably seen at least three

CPT to EBB (and finally) back to ORD

Writing these blog posts has made me miss my time in South Africa dearly. And like Iheoma, I’m often frustrated with the question, “HOW WAS SOUTH AFRICA?” Mostly because all I can say to represent my experiences is a measly “really good,” knowing that isn’t how I feel at all. But I’m not exactly sure

Until We Meet Again…

Having the time to settle and reflect about my experience abroad was much needed before completing my final entry. Being home and around friends has put me in the position of having to answer the obnoxious inevitable question: “OH MY GOD! HOW WAS SOUTH AFRICA?” And every single time I am left standing there dumbfounded

A Never-Ending Identity Crisis

One of the greatest fears I had before arriving to South Africa was how I was going to fit in. This wasn’t in the literal sense in my ability to get along with my peers or make new friends, but rather how my identity would be perceived and acknowledged within the context of South African

#OPENSTELLENBOSCH… but is it actually closed?

On one of our museum trips, we watched a short documentary about the Soweto Uprising. We had the opportunity to watch real footage of students protesting a mandate from the apartheid government that instruction in Soweto schools be given in Afrikaans — in a community where Afrikaans was not predominantly spoken. Language in this case

Trail Blazing Professors (& Not Just in the Academic Way!)

When we talk about study abroad experiences, it seems that classes don’t always take up the spotlight. And that’s understandable. We have to take advantage of our time in a beautiful and unique country — lots of our adventures were outside of the classroom, but in South Africa many of these adventures also included our

Lions, Spirit Birds, and Olifants — OH MY!

The folks at IPD warned us explicitly not to overlap blogs about Kruger National Park. And between Iheoma, Emily, and I — it appears that we succeeded a little bit too well. But thankfully, one perk about posting incredibly inexcusably late is that I can choose to fill in the gaps my fellow bloggers didn’t

Like a Fine Wine, Stellenbosch Gets Better With Time

Notorious for their lush vineyards covering the rolling hills of the Western Cape and dedication to making spectacular world renowned wines, I was especially excited to experience wine culture first hand. It wasn’t until arriving to Stellenbosch did I learn that they happen to be well known for their wine around world. Fun Fact: The

Feeling Otherness & Other Things

Long time, no blog! I want to apologize for not keeping up with this blog during my actual time on the program. If anything, I suppose we can interpret my failure to post a blog as a testament to South Africa’s ability to keep me busy. So much has happened, and I will try to

Missing the Adventure

Writing my last blog post means that my quarter in South Africa is officially over (even though I technically returned to the US almost two months ago), so naturally, I’ve been putting off this post as long as possible.┬áIt already feels like I’ve been back forever, though, so I figure it’s finally time to recap