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“How was South Africa?”

As I reflect on this spring quarter and even my first blog post, it’s becoming clear that this experience did indeed change me in lasting ways. But I’m realizing that many of the specific ways I learned and grew go beyond what I predicted. I’ll spare you the laundry list of details and share a

More Thoughts on Kruger National Park

Seeing Kruger did make me sad that humans had wiped out the majority of this biodiversity throughout the rest of South Africa (as well as most places worldwide). I’m especially sympathetic to other intelligent, emotional, social animals that have been victimized by the aggression of historically European colonizers armed with guns, germs, and steel. The

Thoughts on Kruger National Park

As a biology major and (notoriously among our group) lover of flora and fauna, I absolutely loved our recent week in Kruger National Park. Here I’m going to share a couple miscellaneous thoughts and feelings that have stayed with me since we left. I felt fulfilled and overwhelmed by all the “natural” beauty around us.

Robben Island

The cell in which Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for his 18 years on Robben Island. On April 8, 2017, we took a bus tour and walking tour of Robben Island and its former maximum security prison, respectively. At the dock, I read a quote stating the need to remember the brutality of apartheid but also


As I sit at the gate waiting to board my connecting flight to Dubai, the main feeling I have is uncertainty. I can picture some concrete images of what I should expect from these next three months: a new dorm room full of new roommates (maybe a few faces from the pre-departure meeting), picturesque but