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Iheoma Michelle Nkemere

Nigerian born, Southern California raised, Chicago transplant just trying to find her way in the world. If you don't blog about your time studying abroad, did you even really go abroad?

Until We Meet Again…

Having the time to settle and reflect about my experience abroad was much needed before completing my final entry. Being home and around friends has put me in the position of having to answer the obnoxious inevitable question: “OH MY GOD! HOW WAS SOUTH AFRICA?” And every single time I am left standing there dumbfounded

A Never-Ending Identity Crisis

One of the greatest fears I had before arriving to South Africa was how I was going to fit in. This wasn’t in the literal sense in my ability to get along with my peers or make new friends, but rather how my identity would be perceived and acknowledged within the context of South African

Like a Fine Wine, Stellenbosch Gets Better With Time

Notorious for their lush vineyards covering the rolling hills of the Western Cape and dedication to making spectacular world renowned wines, I was especially excited to experience wine culture first hand. It wasn’t until arriving to Stellenbosch did I learn that they happen to be well known for their wine around world. Fun Fact: The

Girl Meats World

Upon coming to South Africa, the biggest thing that I was most excited and nervous for was the introduction to a new cuisine. Being a self-proclaimed “picky eater” I knew it was going to be difficult for me to dive into trying new foods I was completely unfamiliar with. However, meat is a strong component

Oh the Places You’ll Go: Backpackers Edition

Before coming to South Africa, all of my associations with the word hostel triggered one of three thoughts: 1. A dark, scary place where you get to stay for cheap while traveling abroad; while there you are constantly worrying about all your belongings being stolen. 2. An ideal setting for a horror film. 3. A

Lights Out…Indefinitely

Setting the scene: I’m sitting there with my roommate, we’re making dinner, enjoying our meal, laughing, enjoying life until all of a sudden the power goes out. No electricity is working in our rooms or the rooms of anyone else–and the only thing that we can use to get around are the flashlights on our

Anxious Aloof American Abroad

I had always known since I arrived on Northwestern’s campus as a naive freshman with zero knowledge of anything, that my undergraduate career will not be complete unless I studied abroad. Studying abroad was truly an experience that I was looking forward to for so long; having the opportunity to be in another country with