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Month: May 2017

More Thoughts on Kruger National Park

Seeing Kruger did make me sad that humans had wiped out the majority of this biodiversity throughout the rest of South Africa (as well as most places worldwide). I’m especially sympathetic to other intelligent, emotional, social animals that have been victimized by the aggression of historically European colonizers armed with guns, germs, and steel. The

Wine and MORE Wine in Wine Country, South Africa

Stellenbosch, in many ways, is very similar to Evanston — bougie shops and bougie people in a pretty college-y town — but in One Major Way, it is Very Different, indeed: Wine. There is much wine to be had in Stellenbosch, and if you are over the age of 18 and open to imbibing alcohol,

Thoughts on Kruger National Park

As a biology major and (notoriously among our group) lover of flora and fauna, I absolutely loved our recent week in Kruger National Park. Here I’m going to share a couple miscellaneous thoughts and feelings that have stayed with me since we left. I felt fulfilled and overwhelmed by all the “natural” beauty around us.

Racism in Post-Apartheid South Africa

In 1994, South Africa officially ended apartheid, a period of segregation, violence, and discrimination on the basis of race. It is what Mandela and thousands of activists fought bravely against whilst enduring unfair imprisonment, torture, and even death. It has now been a little over 20 years since the end of such atrocities, but the


(No pictures or the use of phones were allowed during Parliament sessions) Even after hearing how crazy parliament is from my TA and Professor, I was not prepared for what I saw and experienced during our class trip to the South African Parliament. We had the privilege of seeing different ares of parliament buildings and