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Eyes open and Ready to go

My friends can probably agree with me when I say that I’m not really an emotional person. I don’t usually cry when I say “Goodbye” to my closest friends and family, so imagine my surprise when I found myself crying while hugging my family goodbye before I left. I also found myself panicking at the thought of being away from them, my friends, Evanston, and more generally my safety zone. It hit me then that this study abroad experience is going to be a completely different and challenging way of life for me. I’m so used to staying in my bubble of friends and activities, that I kind of bubble wrapped myself from trying anything new. So, as I was waiting in the gate for my flight out, I started to reflect on what I hope to accomplish in South Africa and realized I have two burning desires. 🙂

I definitely want to try new things. Whether it’s trying new foods or sharing with locals that I wouldn’t usually share until I’ve established a secure level of trust, I want to be open to experiencing South African culture and have no regrets when I return.

I want to follow up on current events in South Africa regarding Gender Based Violence. I, along with a couple other students, took the recommended International Journalism class about South Africa and had to cultivate our own articles focusing on a topic that spoke to us. After interviewing experts and reading up on much of the current culture surrounding this topic, I’ve developed a heart and conviction for South Africa. Even though I’m not a Journalism major, I’m excited to follow up and discover what it’s like in SA.

Well, until my next blog post! I hope you guys keep following me and the other bloggers as we write about our experience abroad! Until next time!


P.S. Here’s a quick article on GBV in SA!

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