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In With the New

I feel like I should offer a warning to potential readers: I have never blogged before. I have never written in a journal before (except for my first-grade journal, which I fondly recovered while packing earlier this week). So, reflecting and sharing my thoughts on paper (or in this case, online) is new to me. While currently sitting in my family room with my two dogs on either side of me–AKA, a very comfortable, familiar setting–I find myself to be thinking about a lot of the things I’m about to do that are just as new to me as blogging.

Things I’ve Never Done but am About to Do:

  1. 1. Travel outside of North America
  2. 2. Be more than a 1 hour drive away from my family for more than a few weeks
  3. 3. Live outside of the Chicagoland area
  4. 4. Fly across an ocean
  5. 5. Go to Europe (albeit only in an airport)
  6. 6. Go to South Africa (!)
  7. 7. Do fun, adventurous things in South Africa (i.e. skydiving, swimming with sharks, etc.)
  8. 8. Journal
  9. 9. Blog

As many of my friends and family members know, I have been mostly nervous for this upcoming adventure. I’ve wanted to study abroad in South Africa since I found out about this program my freshman year, but all of the new, unfamiliar things have intimidated me. But, I know that I will be surrounded by an amazing group of students and professors, and now–finally–I can’t wait to leave on Monday. Join me as I not only learn how to blog but also learn to experience new and unfamiliar things. See you later, Chicago!


Hard to say goodbye to this pretty view, but I can't wait to see the mountains in South Africa!

Hard to say goodbye to this pretty view, but I can’t wait to see the mountains in South Africa!

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