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Hasta luego Mexico!

The final days of this study abroad program are quickly approaching. I can’t believe I have already spent 8 weeks in Mexico! I was so nervous about so many things before coming to this country, but thankfully, I was welcomed with open arms. This last week has been filled with final exams and presentations. These exams and presentations have really allowed me to consolidate all of the knowledge that I have learned about the Mexican health system and try to come up with potential solutions that I believe should be implemented.

One of my favorite parts about these last few weeks in Mexico was the trip to Oaxaca with our history professor. Oaxaca is a city that is about 4 hours away from Mexico City. It is so rich in history and culture, and it was the perfect place to visit as one of our last field trips. We visited a modern library that contained many interesting historical artifacts, pyramids in Monte Alban, and even got the chance to crash THREE weddings while we were visiting cathedrals. Oaxaca also has some of the best food that I have ever had in my life. It was nice to get away from Mexico City for a little bit and compare the similarities and differences between these two cities. For example, Oaxaca has a large indigenous population. This population also speaks the most amount of language than any other Mexican city. Oaxaca is also located in a very mountainous areas and due to this, the air was much cleaner than in Mexico City. Overall, this trip was one of my favorites during my entire time here in Mexico.

Although I am sad to leave all of the local people that I have met, I am excited to get home and be reunited with my friends and family, and to use the new knowledge that I have gained about Mexico’s healthcare system in my future career as a healthcare professional.

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