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Expedites I Will Never Forget

A class I have been enjoying so much has been Culture & History of Mexico. Every class I am learning more and more about Mexico, and my parents enjoy hearing of the reminiscent history of their home country. Every expedite we’ve embarked on has been a new and exciting adventure. Our trip to Teotihuacán has been both enlightening and jaw-dropping. The overwhelming immensity of the pyramids of the sun and moon were definitely a sight to see. Something I very much enjoyed of that trip was walking down the Avenue of the Dead and trying to picture the stone-covered road brimming with indigenous people who lived there during the pre-Columbian period. I was amazed to see the amount of work put in to recover and revive the ancient city, noticing other small mounds of earth to the sides of the great pyramids where more structures lay dormant. The professor of the Culture & History class was constantly sharing with us information on the city, explaining the significance of different structures and symbols and helping us form a clear image of life back then.

Another trip of great significance to me was our visit to the Basilica of the Virgen of Guadalupe. It’s a site that my family wishes to visit one day due to its great importance to our Catholic faith. It was wonderful for me to be able to share the story of Juan Diego and the miracle that took place there to the rest of the group of the program. The professor noted that I recalled the story with such passion and enthusiasm. It was an honor to be in the presence of our “Santa Morenita”.

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