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A New Adventure Awaits

México sign right outside Benito Juarez airport, Mexico City

I have been waiting for this moment since the day I applied for the program. Since then, my anticipation to begin a new chapter and experience in my life grew with each day getting closer to my departure. With only a week to enjoy with my family before leaving for 2 months, I pack my things and only get one hour of sleep before I head to the airport and await my flight.

This trip means more to me than just traveling to another country to study and learn of its rich culture and history. It would be the first time I would be traveling alone for a rather long period of time, to a city I have never been. I have visited the places where my parents were born and raised, yet never to one of the most diverse and populated cities in all of Mexico. I would gain a new perspective of Mexico, different to that of visiting family and spending short periods of time in the country.

I am overwhelmed with excitement for not only the expedites that we will be making, especially to Teotihuacan and Oaxaca, but for the delicious food that I will certainly be enjoying,  once I am there. I would finally be in the perfect environment to practice and perfect my Spanish, while also learning more about the land of my ancestors.

I know for certain this will be a trip to remember.

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