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Ready for Eight Weeks in Mexico City

‚ÄčIt feels like just yesterday I finished my last final of sophomore year and headed home for summer break. In the few days that I had, I reunited with my Virginia friends and family, visited my old high school teachers, and explored Washington D.C. for what felt like the first time in years. This summer break however, will be short in length because I will be traveling to Mexico City to study abroad for eight weeks. I told all the people I ran into these past few days that I will be going to Mexico City and they are excited to hear what I have to tell them when I come back.

The Washington Monument

In just a few hours I will be arriving to Mexico City. I have always wanted to travel. In the past year I have visited Kansas City, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Boston, a few locations in Wisconsin and Indiana, Canada, and of course Chicago. This will be my first international experience, if you ignore the four hours I spent in Windsor, Canada one day. I will be traveling from Washington D.C. to Mexico City.

Most people might feel nervous for this trip that I will be taking. I don’t feel nervous at all. Instead, I feel excited! I will be living with a host family. I will be with fellow Northwestern peers. I will also get to meet many Mexican students from UP. The best part of this trip is that I will be living like a Mexican. I will get to learn about the Mexican culture through ways such as field trips, the host family, and perhaps just running into cultural events. I grew up speaking Spanish, but it has become very rusty. Through this experience I will be taking Spanish classes as well as immersing myself in a Spanish-speaking country for the first time, in order to improve my Spanish. I am also excited about the research component of this program. I will be helping research at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerolog√≠a!

I know that this will be the biggest adventure of my life so far. My only worries are that eight weeks won’t be enough time to get to see everything Mexico City has.

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