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A bittersweet goodbye

28201071034_32430b0b9d_oI’m not ready for the goodbyes, not ready to leave behind the place I’ve called home for these past seven weeks. I will definitely miss that 2 X 1 churros deal at Liverpool on Wednesdays, those 10 peso tacos from Hermanos Luna, and the chilaquiles from Doña Cuca. The worst part will be not knowing when I will see my new friends again, but thank god for all these social media sites. More importantly I’m not ready to stop ridding the metro. (hint the sarcasm) All those mornings being shoved into the metro, it was during these rides that me and my roommate became the closest, both literally and metaphorically. In all seriousness, Mexico has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed my research project with Dr. Enrique Rendón at Hospital Siglo XXI and learned a lot about Mexico’s history and culture.


28742010541_23edec4366_oAs part of the tradition of our host family, the girls in the program prepared dinner. What better day to do so than on the night of the opening ceremony for the Olympics? It wasn’t easy figuring out what to cook, especially since our host family cooks such delicious meals for us and we wanted to impress them. If I’m being completely honest though, it was hard deciding what to cook because we aren’t the
best. It was fun fitting eight girls into one tiny kitchen. We were all scrambling around one another as some checked the oven, others chopped up ingredients, and some cooked the chicken. At the end we made it work. The pesto pasta we didn’t think would be enough to feed 20 people was just enough. The Challah stuffed with Nutella was cooked in record time but was still delicious. The hot fudge sauce we made to top the ice cream was heaven. It also made our host daughters a little rowdier than usual, but the night was a success.



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It’s amazing to think how in such short period of time you can become so close to complete strangers. Looking back to our first meal together, we all sat awkwardly devouring the food as we practice our Spanish. This night however, was the complete opposite as it was filled with chatter and laughter. We truly became a family.


Asta luego México!

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