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“It’s been four weeks already?” has been a question that has gone through my head multiple times today. To be exact, tomorrow will mark exactly four weeks since I arrived in Mexico City, Mexico, and the half waypoint of the program. The program has felt like it has been going by fast, but at the same time I feel as if I have been here forever. Whether it is being familiar with the Metro system, which has to be the most ridiculously crowded form of transportation I’ve ever seen in my life (seriously though these people pack up like sardines to get to their destination), or walking to the local grocery store for pan dulce. Mexico City is really becoming to feel like home. For example, when I first got here I was feeling out of place, rightfully so seeing that I’m 6’3” and slightly racially ambiguous, which drew many stares, and at the same time, a little shy. When I first arrived in Mexico City, staying at a house with people I never met before seemed like a strange idea to me, and that was even reflective in little things like dinners. At dinner, I was reserved and barely spoke, maybe due to being shy at first or maybe I’m just a lot more socially awkward than I thought. However, I’ve became a lot more comfortable and able to carry out conversations about things like politics in Mexico and food with the host family, where as at first I just wanted to eat my food and get out of there. My host mother even said at dinner today “I’m happy that you’re laughing and talking now, at first you did not talk much.” There are still four weeks left in the program, and I hope to take full advantage of those four weeks left. The classes and trips to historic and cultural sites such as Teotihuacan have been nothing but great and I look forward to the next four weeks. Whether it is getting to know the culture better, or doing something wild like eating street food (lame, I know), I plan to make the most of it.Teoti

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