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Preliminary Thoughts About Studying Abroad in Mexico

LinkedIn PhotoMy name is Jason Kim. I am a junior who is currently on the pre-med track, with a biological sciences major and a global health minor. I chose the Public Health in Mexico program before I already had a rudimentary understanding of Spanish that would allow me to integrate into the culture more easily, and because I was very interested in the research opportunities like the project in Malinalco. I’ve been to Honduras before as part of a medical mission trip, and I would like to continue my experiences more extensively in that region in a different country.

I can’t wait to travel to Mexico and take part in the program! Apart from the global health research experience, I have learned in my global health classes that the only way for me to fully understand global health is to understand the cultural aspects of other countries, such as their health systems or social problems, which is something that I expect the study abroad program to provide extensively. I’ll also be able to learn how to live on my own for a long duration of time in a different country, which will help me become more independent in general. A lot of people have told me that their entire perspective on both American and foreign cultures changed completely after being part of study abroad programs, and I anticipate I’ll discover what that means in the very near future.

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