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Why I love packing

I’ve always liked packing because fitting everything you need into one giant bag is not only an incredible accomplishment, but it is freeing. I’ve managed to live in a closet-sized room for a year, and now I will live out of a bag comparable in weight and size to a mid-sized dog, and comfortably. I… Read more »

Weaving Through the Fabric of Israel

Israel is a region of intersection. As Northwestern students made connections at clinics, often overlooked corners of Tel Aviv and religious landmarks, they saw health, community and spirituality weave together. Bnei Brak “The trip to the Tipat Halav clinic offered an interesting look into the specific ways that the Israeli government helps with infant wellness… Read more »

Tel Aviv: The Friendly Stranger

Tel Aviv may be unfamiliar, but Elizabeth finds that the city’s openminded strangers make new places, faces and destinations welcoming. “The friendliness of strangers has been such a fun surprise, like just being able to walk up to anyone for help or directions and having them be more than willing to show you or walk… Read more »

Southern Israel: Bonding at the Top of Masada

From the Qumran Caves to the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi Oasis to a Masada pilgrimage, Southern Israel created a once-in-a-lifetime bonding experience. Knowing a place means knowing its history and its people, and an early morning hike gave Robbie the unforgettable chance to do so. “We visited underground ruins, witnessed many groups of people from different… Read more »