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Goodbye and Good Luck

My goals for my study abroad experience in Israel were to practice Arabic, gain comfort living in the middle east, and to better understand the conflict and problems facing the region and country. In just under 3 months, I think I accomplished all of these to some extent, as well as learned new perspectives on… Read more »

Why I love packing

I’ve always liked packing because fitting everything you need into one giant bag is not only an incredible accomplishment, but it is freeing. I’ve managed to live in a closet-sized room for a year, and now I will live out of a bag comparable in weight and size to a mid-sized dog, and comfortably. I… Read more »

Disaster Relief and Deeper Connections

Search and rescue missions demand action even when there are no “good” choices. When students completed a rescue course with a local trainer, they dove into these challenging decisions and found that disaster relief can create deeper connections. Watch NU students to the rescue on Vimeo here!  “Our trainer was named Noam and is a… Read more »