The Gardener’s Narrative of the Beit Lid Massacre

There’s a human story behind the Beit Lid Memorial that honors the 22 Israeli soldiers killed in the first suicide bombing by Hamas, carried out in January 1995. When students arrived on site, they met a man with first-hand memory of this moment.

“I confess that what was most significant here was the gardener approaching us [near the site of the explosion] and sharing his very personal narrative of that day. Though stopping at these places was significant without a serendipitous encounter with an ex-soldier, his visit really added a lot to our experience there.” – Rebecca

“I am constantly in awe of the luck we seem to have on our adventures; who would have known that while visiting the memorial site we would run into someone who had experienced it? Things like this can never be replicated – fortuitous moments of education… It is one thing to learn about a tragedy and another thing entirely to communicate with someone who had actually experienced it.” – Robbie