Israel: Beyond the Classroom, Beyond the Headlines

Northwestern in Israel created unexpected adventure and immersion that engaged students farther than they thought possible. Upon return, Mike and Robbie take on the big questions: “What’s Next?” and “Why?”

“It is good to have seen a lot of Israel, so that now in class, while I am hearing many city names, I can connect them to reality. I’m looking forward to explain this place on my own now in the next month and a half…I’ve learned to ask ‘Why?’ when I visit a site, and to attempt to understand why claims-makers make their claims.” – Mike

“We have been all across this country and seen things that even natives rarely see on their own and our adventures aren’t even over yet! We have planned out the next two days with the Pride parade and having a little going away party with all the friends we’ve made. I am happy with how this experience turned out and that we all got to go through it together.” – Robbie