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A tropical Christmas

A tropical Christmas fast approaches and rests in my heart in a cozy way. In my last week I have visited the extensive flora shops to see rows of poinsettias in the sweltering humid heat — and I laugh to myself at the ride that has been the past few months. It’s strange to think that

Pre-departure post

The place I call home has changed so frequently and dynamically throughout my life that even now, I have difficulty choosing an answer. I was born in Korea, raised in Canada, Japan, Indonesia — yet I sit writing this pre-departure post in Evanston, IL. The choice to study abroad in Singapore was just as natural

First Time in Tel Aviv!

I’ve been here for a couple weeks now and it just so happens to line up with a debate going on back on campus that will be voted upon tomorrow. As this dialogue goes on, I’ve realized that I have a unique perspective, one worth sharing, but I personally choose to remain mum on political

Speak up, NUS

Samuel Garcia, NUS Exchange, Fall 2014 “Now, I’m not sure how to pronounce this mathematician’s name,” said the Professor, “I think it’s French. Does anyone know how to pronounce it?” I raise my hand to answer the question, “It’s De Moivre, Professor,” I said, with decent pronunciation despite my American accent, “I’ve studied French before.”

Worldwide Wildcat Pride

Samantha Trippy, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2014 After a fantastic week spent in the Philippines during a school break, I was dreading delving back into classes. With four midterms within a two week period after my return, I knew my adventures in Hong Kong would be swapped with library study sessions, at least temporarily. To my

You want it? They got it.

Samuel Garcia, NUS Exchange, Fall 2014 A new local friend: “Oh, you’re new in Singapore, have you tried [insert famous local food here]?” Me: “No, I don’t eat meat so I can’t eat that unfortunately.” Local friend: “Oh you don’t eat meat? You miss out on some amazing food…” I have had this conversation many

Before I leave for Paris, France

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 I am excited, and anxious, to say that this fall I will be studying abroad in Paris, France in the Sciences Po direct exchange program. At Northwestern, I am studying Social Policy with a minor in Psychology, and want to go into educational policy, nonprofit management, or some

Imagining Istanbul

Hagar Gomaa, Koç University Exchange, Fall 2013 I just completed the last day of my internship after spending the summer as an engineering intern in Lincoln, Nebraska. I cannot believe that in exactly two weeks time I will begin a new adventure and start over again. I will be returning to my hometown of Fort Wayne,

Back at NU – Final thoughts on my exchange

Michael Aleman, PUC Exchange, Fall 2012 I’ve been in classes for a week now and it’s  nice to see things haven’t changed much. Evanston is still freezing in the winter, the El is still really slow, and NU student groups still give out lots of free food. It feels like the polar opposite of PUC

Last Day & Departure

Lauren Tindal, Bocconi Exchance, Fall 2012 I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while now, because that would mean fully accepting that I’m leaving. It’s crazy to think that very soon, I will be waking up in my house, in Ohio, in America. It’s bittersweet, leaving. Saying goodbye to new friends. Walking around,