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There and Back Again

Now that I have returned to Northwestern after spending four months in Zürich, Switzerland, it has been nice to return to familiar places and see familiar faces, yet a lot has certainly changed – not only about campus itself, but I feel that I have also changed as a result of my time abroad. It

New memories with new friends

Since arriving home, tons of people have asked me about my time in Singapore, expecting lengthy answers about traveling, experiencing new cultures, and eating good food. And even though I had a great time doing all those things, they didn’t feel like the most valuable or memorable part of my time in Singapore. So when

Food is more than just sustenance

Some of you might know it as hot pot, but in Singapore it’s more than just that. “Steamboat” is what they call hot pot; a small boiling pot of yummy broth, freshly cooked meat, and steamy veggies. Steamboat parties are a guaranteed way to get a group of people together to mingle and catch up,

Prophecy Fulfilling

As I look back on the essays I wrote before leaving, postulating what I would get out of an experience studying abroad in Hong Kong, I find that most every prediction came true. I began my study of Chinese to explore a strong budding interest in Asian language and culture. Check. I brought my violin

Travel Bug (The bad kind)

I’ve always loved world geography and culture. My mother used to bring me to the library hoping that I would be consumed by novels, but instead I ended up spending hours looking at maps. I would memorize each country’s capital along with other odd statistics about their demographics and language. I loved imagining myself in

Food Frenzy

by Ann Ku There’s nothing I can say about the food here except delicious.  Over the few months that I’ve been here, I’ve tried too many food items to count, but I’ll share some of my favorites here. Disneyland Dim Sum During my first few weeks, I took a trip to Disneyland with one of my

Goodbye to Israel

Having extended my stay here in Israel, I must say it is bittersweet having to leave. I haven’t seen my family or friends for a long time, so it is exciting to be able to see them, but I have also made so many friends and much family here so it is sad that I