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The last time I was in Switzerland, Switzerland had won. On my last visit to the land of chocolate and fondue, I was romping through Western Europe with my close friends and, as one traveling on a budget does, we had decided to visit the second most expensive country in the world where we planned

Nature and the forest

At the school I get to call my own for the next few months, there is a forest in its back yard. A real life, bird chirping, beast lurking rainforest. A few steps down the stairs of the central library is a passageway into greenery — and all of the students here walk by, unmesmerized,

My Last Days in Europe

As I write these words, I’m sitting in the airport in Dublin (where I’ve had to go through security twice since stepping off the plane!), awaiting my return plane to Chicago (and then onto Columbus, Ohio). I’ve left Paris for the last time—or at least until I return again, which is at a yet unknown

The Beginning of the Journey of a Lifetime

Dear readers, People say that traveling opens your mind, changes your perspective, and changes you. As I first stepped foot off my plane and onto the territory of Hong Kong International Airport, I immediately began to notice a subtle difference. Aside from the nervous excitement of being in new foreign territory, everywhere I looked, I

Halfway There

I’m writing this at Sciences Po’s library*, just a few hours before I take off for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, all places that I will be visiting over our fall break (which is definitely not a thing at Northwestern). Most of the French students here seem to be visiting their families, whereas the exchange

Living in the City of Lights

It’s now been one month since I landed in Paris, and it’s been a whirlwind. Although I was told that France would be an entirely different experience, it wasn’t until I had lived here for a few weeks that I began to see just how true that was. I still walk to school, but instead

Trying New Things

Hey guys, checking in again. This weekend we traveled to the south of Israel to go on a hiking trip. Now, hiking and outdoorsy things in general are not really on my list of activities I enjoy, but based on the simple economic laws of supply and demand I decided why not sign up; when

Why Hong Kong is the best city for study abroad

Audrey Zong, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2013 As Northwestern students, we are lucky enough to have such a vast selection of study abroad partner institutions that we can apply for. (For the European students, they have an extremely competitive process. Popular exchange programs can sometimes have one spot with 300 students applying). I am so grateful

Hong Kong Treasures

Audrey Zong, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2013 Besides the breathtaking skyline and the endless shopping Hong Kong is often known for, there are many overlooked aspects that I think Hong Kong is not credited enough for. In this post, I will take you through some things Hong Kong has to offer. Food with a free view: