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Midterm Wake-Up Call

Midterm season in Milan is finally over and what a wake up call it truly was. Classes at Bocconi are very comparable to Northwestern classes in terms of difficulty, but not so much in terms of how you are assessed. At Northwestern, your grade is typically broken down into multiple categories including but not limited

One Month In

Bonsoir! It’s Sunday evening here in Paris, and I’m finally taking some time to sit down and stream-of-consciousness out some little sentences that will eventually get strung together into a coherent blog post. But first, some scene-setting: it’s cold, gray, been sprinkling all day, and I feel mildly sick. But I also had one of

The Beginning of the End

Finishing up my semester in Singapore is such a bittersweet feeling. It feels like I just arrived off the plane with my giant luggage in tow, desperately hoping that I’d adjust to the intense heat and humidity quickly. While I still haven’t adjusted to the weather here after 4 months, most everything else about Singapore

Studying at Sciences Po

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 Normally, course registration is an exciting time for me at Northwestern. I love browsing through the course catalogue, imagining myself the courses that I systematically add to my shopping court. After finalizing my schedule, I take a screenshot of the first week and post it on my Facebook

The bad, the ugly

Audrey Zong, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2013 I hope that the title got your attention! There are expectedly struggles that we face when going on a study abroad/exchange program, and below are some of mine. 1) Food Sounds crazy right? The school canteen food has been a common complaint among many exchange students. The meats (duck,

School Life at PUC

 Michael Aleman, PUC Exchange, Fall 2012 Classes are split into modules, with 8 modules of 80 minutes each used as placeholders for classes. There is a universal hourlong break for lunch, although students can eat before or after the established. Microwaves are located all around the campus, as the majority of students commute from home