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10 things you must have done if you celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival

1. You heard that there once were 10 suns This begins the legend of why Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated. The legend goes (as told by a fellow HKUST student) that 9 of the 10 suns were shot down by a super-strong archer. For his feats, the archer was given two pills that could make him

My trip to Guangzhou

As promised, this post will talk about my trip to some villages around Guangzhou as part of “Exploring Chinese Culture Through Fieldwork.” The trip was focused on the Pearl River Delta. In this area, lineages had gained power and wealth through land reclamation around the delta, using the land to grow sugar cane and other

Exploring Hong Kong and Southern China, in and outside of the classroom

My favorite class here has been “Exploring Chinese Culture through Fieldwork.” It is a cultural anthropology class focused on Southern China and Hong Kong. The lectures have been very interesting, and have taught me a lot about the role of lineage organizations in local self-governance and advocacy, and as an important support structure for attaining

Different Countries, Different Closets

Samuel Garcia, NUS Exchange, Fall 2014 Before I came to Asia, I believed the stereotype that it is a predominantly conservative place where being gay is not accepted. After being in Asia for almost six months and visiting quite a few countries, I have realized that the situation across every border is quite different. China