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Category: Switzerland

There and Back Again

Now that I have returned to Northwestern after spending four months in Zürich, Switzerland, it has been nice to return to familiar places and see familiar faces, yet a lot has certainly changed – not only about campus itself, but I feel that I have also changed as a result of my time abroad. It

Leaving my exchange

As I prepare to leave Switzerland and return to the United States, it’s hard to imagine that nearly four months have passed and that many of the people I have seen on a daily basis will continue out their studies while I begin my next quarter halfway around the world. In the final few weeks

The Alps are calling

When people think about Switzerland, a few things immediately jump to mind: fondue, a small pocket knife with a million features, and – most notably – vast ranges of stoic peaks capped with snow. Upon arriving, these impressive giants are hard to miss, and in fact, there is hardly a place that isn’t in some

Wine for Education?!?

When I began my exchange at ETH Zürich, I did not expect to take a class in wine production techniques. In reality, the class is not technically about wine production… exclusively… it also includes insight into brewing processes as well as a short introduction to distillation. The class, appropriately meeting Friday afternoons, is titled the


The last time I was in Switzerland, Switzerland had won. On my last visit to the land of chocolate and fondue, I was romping through Western Europe with my close friends and, as one traveling on a budget does, we had decided to visit the second most expensive country in the world where we planned