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Category: History

Reinvigorated Learning

I’ve sincerely enjoyed my time here so far. It is particularly satisfying for me to be out of school yet still immersed in such intensive learning. Particularly with language. But more so, due to Israel’s incessant need to create a sense of continuity which justifies its establishment, her history is preserved and expressed at every

American v. Singaporean Politics: Democracy or Political Stability?

When locals hear I’m from the US, they’ll ask me about how things are going under President Trump. Sometimes with a sympathetic face, other times with a joking snicker. And although I do my best to be honest with them about my opinion, I usually ask in return, “How are things socially and politically in

我看不懂汉字(I see, but don’t understand Chinese characters.)

When I first landed in Hong Kong, only of the most striking features of the new city-scape was, naturally, that Chinese characters were everywhere. Initially knowing next-to-nothing, I have grown to find the city to be like an elaborate puzzle or mystery: the more characters I come to learn and recognize, the more meaning I

Final In-country Blog Post

What better way to end my in-country blogging career than to ramble and free-associate random things about Hong Kong and my exchange? Sure, there are probably better ways, but I can’t think of them. As you may be able to tell from the title of this post, my creativity has just about run dry. So,

Hong Kong Culture Part 2: Festivals

Disclaimer: This will be one of my snarkier blog posts since I just finished a final. I don’t mean any offense, everything is a poor attempt at humor. One of the best ways to get to know a culture is by looking at its festivals. With that in mind, I’ve been in Hong Kong for

Hong Kong Food and Culture (part 1)

In this post I’m going to try to sum up what I’ve learned and seen of Hong Kong’s culture duringg my time at HKUST. As many of you probably know, Hong Kong was a British colony up until 1997, and so it has some strong British influences, including its own style of milk tea and

Immersion in Rich Vietnamese Culture

Dear readers, You will not believe where I am right now. I am currently on an overnight train in Vietnam. With two friends, we are going from Hanoi, the culturally rich capital city, to the agricultural villages in the town of Sapa. It feels very surreal! And as I don’t have my laptop with me,

Ten Crazy Days

It’s the day after returning from our ten day adventure over fall break, and I’m both relieved and sad to be back home in Paris. I went with my roommate Kelsey and our friends Leo and Pedro (Kelsey and Pedro are students at University of Florida, and Leo is in the School of Foreign Service

My trip to Guangzhou

As promised, this post will talk about my trip to some villages around Guangzhou as part of “Exploring Chinese Culture Through Fieldwork.” The trip was focused on the Pearl River Delta. In this area, lineages had gained power and wealth through land reclamation around the delta, using the land to grow sugar cane and other

Exploring Hong Kong and Southern China, in and outside of the classroom

My favorite class here has been “Exploring Chinese Culture through Fieldwork.” It is a cultural anthropology class focused on Southern China and Hong Kong. The lectures have been very interesting, and have taught me a lot about the role of lineage organizations in local self-governance and advocacy, and as an important support structure for attaining