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by Annalie Jiang   Closing up on my last week of study abroad, I decided to reward myself with a post-exam journey to Strasbourg, just for a day. Most everyone I knew was either taking exams or leaving for the holidays so I decided to set off solo, armed only with a Google Maps printout

Buone Feste, L’Italia

Italy, the land where your hard work in the semester is tested at the end of the semester for a whopping 30 points. Finals were just as rigorous as the NU standard, which made for a nice taste of home-before-home. However, this way of testing forces a student to truly learn the subject from beginning to

Final In-country Blog Post

What better way to end my in-country blogging career than to ramble and free-associate random things about Hong Kong and my exchange? Sure, there are probably better ways, but I can’t think of them. As you may be able to tell from the title of this post, my creativity has just about run dry. So,

Hong Kong Culture Part 2: Festivals

Disclaimer: This will be one of my snarkier blog posts since I just finished a final. I don’t mean any offense, everything is a poor attempt at humor. One of the best ways to get to know a culture is by looking at its festivals. With that in mind, I’ve been in Hong Kong for

My trip to Guangzhou

As promised, this post will talk about my trip to some villages around Guangzhou as part of “Exploring Chinese Culture Through Fieldwork.” The trip was focused on the Pearl River Delta. In this area, lineages had gained power and wealth through land reclamation around the delta, using the land to grow sugar cane and other

Halfway There

I’m writing this at Sciences Po’s library*, just a few hours before I take off for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, all places that I will be visiting over our fall break (which is definitely not a thing at Northwestern). Most of the French students here seem to be visiting their families, whereas the exchange

Are you sure I fit onto this elevator!?

by Annalie Jiang   After living in the suburbs my entire life, transitioning to a city as grand as Paris has been completely eye-opening for me. Although it is a pretty walkable city, Paris is incredibly easy to access with my Navigo transportation pass. Seriously, I feel powerful sometimes just holding it; it literally opens

Living in the City of Lights

It’s now been one month since I landed in Paris, and it’s been a whirlwind. Although I was told that France would be an entirely different experience, it wasn’t until I had lived here for a few weeks that I began to see just how true that was. I still walk to school, but instead