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Dimitrios Telemachus Lowe

Junior studying Economics at Northwestern University, currently studying abroad at Tel Aviv University!

Goodbye to Israel

Having extended my stay here in Israel, I must say it is bittersweet having to leave. I haven’t seen my family or friends for a long time, so it is exciting to be able to see them, but I have also made so many friends and much family here so it is sad that I

Child of Israel

Memorial Day was a day to remember all the lives lost protecting Israel so its people may live happily and freely. It was truly saddening to hear the stories of friends or family members that died while fighting in the army. Everyone wants peace, no one wants to send their young off to war. This

Remarkable Jerusalem

Today we visited Jerusalem and it was truly an amazing experience, we walked the same steps that Jesus walked when he was resurrected, we saw where the 12 Apostles had The Last Supper.  We stared mesmerized by the tomb where Jesus was laid, and although I’m personally not religious its incredible to realize just how

When East meets West

On a flight to Turkey I sat beside a woman, her hair covered by cloth yet face exposed.  As she sat in my row, her friend passed by and the two grabbed hands and giggled in excitement. The seat free beside me she turned and spoke a language unheard by my ears, fluent and without

Trying New Things

Hey guys, checking in again. This weekend we traveled to the south of Israel to go on a hiking trip. Now, hiking and outdoorsy things in general are not really on my list of activities I enjoy, but based on the simple economic laws of supply and demand I decided why not sign up; when

First Time in Tel Aviv!

I’ve been here for a couple weeks now and it just so happens to line up with a debate going on back on campus that will be voted upon tomorrow. As this dialogue goes on, I’ve realized that I have a unique perspective, one worth sharing, but I personally choose to remain mum on political