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Month: December 2018

The Alps are calling

When people think about Switzerland, a few things immediately jump to mind: fondue, a small pocket knife with a million features, and – most notably – vast ranges of stoic peaks capped with snow. Upon arriving, these impressive giants are hard to miss, and in fact, there is hardly a place that isn’t in some

Back home?

It’s been a pretty consistent theme in my life that I don’t feel an intimate connection to a home, a place of belonging, nostalgia, and comfort. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve mostly settled on this feeling as an unavoidable part of me, but returning to America from 4 months of living alone abroad brings me


Goodbyes are so hard. For me, this entire past week has consisted of alternating between fermenting in the library to prepare for exams and exchanging farewells. The hard part is that— even with the fellow Americans I’ve befriended— it is uncertain as to when we’ll get the chance to meet again, if at all. So


Singapore lies 1.5 degrees from the equator and has a tropical rainforest climate with temperatures that constantly linger around 30 degrees Celcius. Naturally, bugs love this place. I’ve taken for granted the fact that I don’t really encounter bugs on a daily basis back in Evanston because in Singapore, bugs are everywhere. From armies of