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The Beginning of the End

Finishing up my semester in Singapore is such a bittersweet feeling. It feels like I just arrived off the plane with my giant luggage in tow, desperately hoping that I’d adjust to the intense heat and humidity quickly. While I still haven’t adjusted to the weather here after 4 months, most everything else about Singapore has started to feel like home. I have my favorite pockets of Singapore, my favorite hawker centers, and my go-to study spots on campus. I can navigate the subway system with absolutely no problem, as well as the bus system on campus. I know the best spots on campus to watch the sun set, the most relaxing nooks along the beaches, and the most interesting islands along the coast of Singapore. I’ve finally gotten used to life in Singapore, and now I have to leave it.

While I’m sad to leave Singapore, the friends I’ve met here, and all the places I’ve traveled in Southeast Asia, I’m excited to see my friends and family soon. I’m also relieved to almost be finished with classes. While all interesting and engaging, the courses at NUS have proven to be quite difficult and intensive, comparable to that of courses at Northwestern. I also wasn’t expecting there to be such an emphasis on group work; all 5 of my courses had major long-term group projects throughout the semester. Sometimes I had to plan shorter weekend excursions or skip dinners or events with friends due to meeting for group projects. While the group projects and intensity of classes presented obstacles, I’m still so glad I picked Singapore and NUS as my study abroad destination.

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