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Month: October 2015

Exploring Hong Kong and Southern China, in and outside of the classroom

My favorite class here has been “Exploring Chinese Culture through Fieldwork.” It is a cultural anthropology class focused on Southern China and Hong Kong. The lectures have been very interesting, and have taught me a lot about the role of lineage organizations in local self-governance and advocacy, and as an important support structure for attaining

Halfway There

I’m writing this at Sciences Po’s library*, just a few hours before I take off for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, all places that I will be visiting over our fall break (which is definitely not a thing at Northwestern). Most of the French students here seem to be visiting their families, whereas the exchange

Some Fishy Explorations

Cinque Terre: the famed 5 cities on the Ligurian coast of Italy. This past week, my friend and I had scheduled for two nights in Manarola, the penultimate town in the south. Our little studio at the very top of the city had a sea-view and conveniently located two doors down from the best restaurant in

Food Frenzy

by Ann Ku There’s nothing I can say about the food here except delicious.  Over the few months that I’ve been here, I’ve tried too many food items to count, but I’ll share some of my favorites here. Disneyland Dim Sum During my first few weeks, I took a trip to Disneyland with one of my

Are you sure I fit onto this elevator!?

by Annalie Jiang   After living in the suburbs my entire life, transitioning to a city as grand as Paris has been completely eye-opening for me. Although it is a pretty walkable city, Paris is incredibly easy to access with my Navigo transportation pass. Seriously, I feel powerful sometimes just holding it; it literally opens

Istanbul Suprises

It’s been four weeks now, and Istanbul continues to surprise me every day. One thing that is vital to survival in Turkey is patience. Whether it is dealing with Turkish bureaucracy, transportation, directions, weather, or other elements of day to day life, it is better to know that things will just not work out the

Campus Life at PUC

Every school day I commute for about an hour to campus and another hour back. After making such a long journey to campus, I stay there. Sometimes I find a nice patch of grass and lay in the sun to read for my literature class. Sometimes I go to the library to get some homework

Hunting for Societies

by Ann Ku The first three weeks of school have been crazy! All of the societies on campus set up booths in the atrium of the school to get new members into their clubs and it’s nearly impossible to walk through the atrium without grabbing a few flyers.              


The first few weeks of this trip have been a flurry of paperwork and a healthy dose of confusion, chock full of conversations with folks back home just to check in and convince them I’m still alive. That last part will be a learning curve, I think. I have  joined the debate club (because I know that’s