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You May Say I’m A Dreamer

Samantha Trippy, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2014

But I’m not the only one. You’re reading this blog, aren’t you? Thinking about studying abroad? Well, I’ve been thinking about studying abroad, too. A lot. Perhaps an unhealthy amount. Fantasizing about what my life will be like abroad, watching this BEAUTIFUL video tour of my campus, planning my backpacking adventures with a fellow NU student studying abroad in Southeast Asia… so what if I spent a significant chunk of my summer with my head in the clouds? I’m about to embark on, perhaps, the biggest journey of my life, thus far.

Oh, did I forget to introduce myself? My name is Samantha Trippy and I’m a junior studying Computer Science at Northwestern. In two days, I will be an exchange student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, (HKUST) a popular exchange and study abroad destination for students from all across the world.

Despite all of my visions of what I hope things will be like abroad, (and sometimes, of what I hope things won’t be like abroad) it really just hit me this past week that this is happening. I received my student visa, my housing assignment, and began emailing my “exchange buddies,” two local students who were chosen to help me transition into life at HKUST. I even registered for my courses on a web interface eerily similar to Northwestern’s passionately disliked and soon-to-be-replaced CAESAR program, though using this interface is much less painful and more exciting when you are using it to choose courses abroad.

I expect things will only become more exciting once I arrive. I cannot wait to meet local students from Hong Kong and international and exchange students from all over the world. I will be updating this blog throughout all of my adventures to come, so stick around!

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