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Month: December 2013

Going out in style

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 This is my last week in Paris and I want to make it one of my best. My classes ended on December 2nd, and after traveling with friends for a week on a whirlwind adventure from Istanbul to Frankfurt to London, I am back in Paris and ready

Hosting and Being Hosted

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 I always knew that I wanted a home stay to be a key piece of my semester abroad, because in high school my family had amazing experiences hosting international students through a program with my high school. In total, we hosted three exchange students– from France, Colombia, and

On breaking stereotypes: grumpy Parisians?

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 During my travels beyond Paris this semester, many foreigners have asked me leading questions about how I find Paris. “Do you hate it?” “Aren’t the people cold there?” they ask. I understand the truth behind the stereotype: many Parisians are less outwardly warm than people from other big

Birthdays, Palaces, and Hilltops

Hagar Gomaa, Koç University Exchange, Fall 2013 It’s hard to believe that my time in Istanbul is almost coming to an end.  This past November, I celebrated my twentieth birthday in Istanbul. It was fun to be with my Turkish and exchange friends and to be sung happy birthday in many languages including Turkish. It seems

Revelations from Travel

Romain Sinclair, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 Traveling as an adult is very different than doing so as a child. During our weeklong break at Sciences Po, we went to The United Kingdom. It seemed like a whole new place to me. This was weird because I had lived in the U.K as a kid,

Why Hong Kong is the best city for study abroad

Audrey Zong, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2013 As Northwestern students, we are lucky enough to have such a vast selection of study abroad partner institutions that we can apply for. (For the European students, they have an extremely competitive process. Popular exchange programs can sometimes have one spot with 300 students applying). I am so grateful