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Month: November 2013

How Rain changed my life

Romain Sinclair, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 In one’s time in Paris, one cannot go without noticing the incessant rain that, in my opinion, plagues the city. This blog entry is dedicated to this exquisite phenomenon. Having constant rain truly changes the experience of living in Paris. When looking at what is to be a

Ici C’est Paris

Romain Sinclair, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 Having been in Paris for 3 months, it becomes apparent that France is a soccer country.  It’s called football or “foot” (pronounced F-ooot) for short.  Everyone’s a fan of foot. This is both surprising and welcoming for a soccer fan like myself. Back home there would be very

Studying at Sciences Po

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 Normally, course registration is an exciting time for me at Northwestern. I love browsing through the course catalogue, imagining myself the courses that I systematically add to my shopping court. After finalizing my schedule, I take a screenshot of the first week and post it on my Facebook

The bad, the ugly

Audrey Zong, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2013 I hope that the title got your attention! There are expectedly struggles that we face when going on a study abroad/exchange program, and below are some of mine. 1) Food Sounds crazy right? The school canteen food has been a common complaint among many exchange students. The meats (duck,

Exploring Turkey

During the Bayram break (Eid), I embarked on a week long journey across Turkey.  The program I attended was specifically for exchange students and approximately 150 exchange students from different universities in Istanbul went on the trip. A few days before the trip, I learned that a fellow wildcat who was studying in Amman, Jordan

Hong Kong Treasures

Audrey Zong, HKUST Exchange, Fall 2013 Besides the breathtaking skyline and the endless shopping Hong Kong is often known for, there are many overlooked aspects that I think Hong Kong is not credited enough for. In this post, I will take you through some things Hong Kong has to offer. Food with a free view:

What can a camera not capture of study abroad?

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 Every day for the past eight weeks of my study abroad journey at Sciences Po in Paris, I have been eagerly taking pictures of my daily adventures. Among those pictures are those of famous Parisian monuments that, despite their grandiosity, I’ve accidentally stumbled upon, the amazing cliff top