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Abandoned Spaces, Futbol and Resolver

Just down the street from where we’re living in Vedado is an outdoor athletic complex that sits across the street from the Malecón. It is called “Parque Jose Marti” and was constructed in the 1940s under the Batista government. Today, its dilapidated remnants only hint at what I imagine it may have looked like during… Read more »

Save money & eat vegan in Cuba

Despite the stereotype that veganism is a lifestyle only for wealthy Westerners, the cheapest and most accessible food in most of the world is vegan. Cuba is no exception. Because Cuba has a recent history of food shortages, animal products made newly cheap and available thanks to US subsidization and food dumping are prized among… Read more »

The Quest

Lucy Blumberg, Public Health in Cuba 2014 The smell of Cuban cheese is the worst part. Like an all-consuming Yarborough that’s been left in the back of the fridge for too long, it follows you around until you sweat off the scent under the hot sun. At first I was suspicious and stubborn; how could… Read more »

Burritos in Havana

Lucy Blumberg, Public Health in Cuba 2014 There’s a new restaurant in town. It’s called El Habanero Burrito, and it’s one of those hole-in-the-wall places that spills out onto the sidewalk of Calle 23, one of the busiest streets in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood where our group is staying. Their bright and colorful signs give diners… Read more »