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Things you won’t think to pack

Every study abroad experience has its hurdles, but one especially noteworthy hurdle of studying abroad in Cuba is that you can’t just buy many of the things you’re used to being able to just buy. In Paris or Tokyo they might not have a familiar brand of deodorant or sunscreen, but you can probably find… Read more »

The Great Unknown

By Anna Radoff, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2013 Prepping for the Big Trip Blog Post 1: Pre-departure Hello, my name is Anna and I am a junior here at Northwestern. I study Anthropology and Global Health. I am from Berkeley, California and there are few things I love more than Northwestern Dance Marathon. As… Read more »

One day to go…

By Madeline Schwid, Public Health in Cuba, Summer 2012 It’s two in the morning on June 16th. My flight to Miami leaves in about 36 hours to begin the first leg on my journey to Cuba. The short week I spent at home between finals and my departure was calm and relaxing, full of days… Read more »